Safety Equipment

Boxing Gloves
Gloves are mainly used to protect the hands from getting hurt. You get different kinds of size's (ranging from 8oz till 20oz) and different glove types (Speed Bag gloves, Sparring gloves and Heavybag gloves).
For a beginner the 12oz or 14oz should do, and try getting gloves that can do all the different kinds of exercises, much cheaper for a beginner.
Head Gear
Head Gear
Headgear is mainly used to protect the head, from blows. It is mainly worn in sparring sessions.

In competitions it is only worn by the amateur boxer.
Mouth Piece
Mouth Piece
It is only used to protect the lips from getting cut by the teeth, it also protects the inner mouth.

This item is recommended for both sparring and competitions.

Training Equipment

Jump Rope
Jump Rope
Used to improve footwork and agility and also aerobic fitness. Also helps to maintain stamina.
Different Kinds Of Bags:

Heavy Bag: Used to train combinations.
Speed Bag: Used to improve hand speed and hand-eye coordination.
Double End Bag: Used for target practice and timing.
Maize Bag: Used to practice head movement and close range combinations.
Other Equipment
Other Equipment Include:

Focus Mitts: Pads worn by a trainer for the boxer to strike.
Hand Wraps: Used to protect the bones in the hand.
Medicine Ball: Used to throw fast in groups of 2.
Mirror: Used for shadow boxing.
Boxing Ring: Finally, a boxing ring!